Franklin Covey Co. Announces 17,000 Plus Registrations for Launch of Its 177 City World Tour of The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

Complimentary Overview Events Focus on Decision, Attention, Time and Energy Management

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Franklin Covey Co., (NYSE: FC) a global provider of training and consulting services, announced today it has 17,000 plus registrations for its world tour of the company’s newest offering, The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity.
The tour features complimentary two-and-a-half-hour overviews of The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity workshop, which officially launches in October. At the overviews, Franklin Covey will present the business case and process for creating extraordinary productivity at all levels throughout an organization to optimize results and increase profitability.
Strong demand for the overview events has resulted in the company increasing the number of cities from 150 to 177 and having multiple events in a number of cities. Event cities include Washington D.C., Helsinki, Mexico City, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Delhi, Stockholm, Chicago, Mumbai, London, New York City, Cairo and Hong Kong.

“We are thrilled that more than 17,000 people across the world have registered to attend the overviews of The 5 Choices,” said Kory Kogon, Productivity Practice Leader, Franklin Covey.

“They will learn how their organizations can increase the productivity of their employees by enhancing their ability to make selective, high-impact choices as to how they manage their time, attention, and energy. By clarifying and transforming their key roles in life and effectively dealing with daily distractions, they can achieve extraordinary results, both personally and professionally.”

With the launch of The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, Franklin Covey is reframing the global conversation around time management, asserting that extraordinary productivity is no longer defined by time management alone, but also by decision management, attention management, and energy management. For a focused and highly productive workforce, employees must have the following skills and be able to:

· Filter vitally important priorities from the flood of incoming distractions
· Re-define roles in terms of making extraordinary contributions
· Create a rhythm of planning and execution that ensures focus on extraordinary outcomes
· Leverage technology toward achieving the most important priorities while reducing distractions
· Re-charge mental and physical energy to avoid exhaustion and burnout in a high-pressure work environment
Kogon said, “Employees today are overwhelmed with the demands of work, coupled with the barrage of texts, inbox messages, tweets, blogs and interruptions. The sheer volume of distractions, information and decisions they face daily threatens their ability to think clearly, creatively and strategically. If they react to stimuli without careful discernment, their ability to focus their finest attention on the important things becomes impaired, leaving them, their teams, and organizations with only mediocre results.”

“In contrast, if employees deliberately and consciously choose to focus their attention on accomplishing the right things, amidst the distractions, and they learn how to effectively harness the opportunities and technologies available to them, they will produce extraordinary productivity,” said Kogon.

Backed by science and years of experience, Franklin Covey has found that employees who consistently make the following five choices experience a measurable increase in productivity, an inner sense of peace and fulfillment, and achieve extraordinary results:

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity are:

1. Act on the important, don’t react to the urgent.
2. Go for extraordinary, don’t settle for the ordinary.
3. Schedule the big rocks, don’t sort gravel.
4. Rule your technology, don’t let technology rule you.
5. Fuel your fire, don’t burn out.
The tour begins September 13. For specific cities, dates and times for the complimentary overview events or to register, visit

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