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FranklinCovey Speakers Bureau is the Hallmark of Thought Leadership. There is no other single source that has the content and the experts you are looking for. At the FranklinCovey Speakers Bureau you can book one of the "Most Influential People of the Century", the leading expert in Executing Goals, The Author of The Speed of Trust, and many others. Pack your event with inspiration, expertise and lasting change.

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Execution in Healthcare

Executing on goals that require a change in behavior is the greatest challenge in healthcare today.

You know your strategy. You know what you need your people to do in order to achieve results. Strategy is not the problem. The problem is execution! There is so much going on it is tough to engage your team to focus and deliver on the few critical goals that must be accomplished.

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Why Trust Drives Engagement - FREE Conference Call

Presented by Stephen M. R. Covey

High trust companies elicit far greater loyalty from their primary stakeholders—workers, customers, suppliers, distributors, and investors—than low-trust companies.  The evidence for every one of these relationships is clear:  Employees stay longer and are more engaged with high-trust companies.  Customers remain customers of high-trust companies.  Suppliers and distributors stay partnered longer with high-trust companies.  Investors hold their investment longer with high-trust companies.  Trust drives engagement!

Ask Stephen M. R. Covey your toughest engagement questions and learn how to accelerate your team’s performance by increasing engagement.

March Academy

In these challenging economic times, it becomes the imperative of nearly every organization to do more with less. 

But the real question is “more of what?” Winning companies focus on giving more value--not just cutting back.  Please enjoy this 28-minute interview as best-selling author and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen speaks to this relevant topic.   Sue Dathe-Douglass conducts the interview. 

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