Join the execution revolution on a very personal level. Read the book and use the Execution Essentials Toolkit.

Want a deeper dive into The 4 Disciplines of Execution? FranklinCovey has designed an Execution Essentials Toolkit. For $99, you will get a hard-cover copy of the book, plus you’ll get the Essentials Toolkit DVD which includes:
  • Interaction with the author
  • Access to FranklinCovey video modules
  • The web to track your progress

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The 4 Disciplines of Execution book was launched today.  Get your copy now by clicking on this Amazon link!

Reach out to us for the many local business success stories that have proven this methodology a smashing success. 

Grab Hold of Performance

The 4 Disciplines exist for one reason: to execute on a plan in the midst of the whirlwind of distractions. Most people are so busy just maintaining the business—just keeping their heads above water—most of the time they can't even hear you, let alone execute on your most important priorities. The 4 Disciplines focuses your team's energy on a winnable game in the midst of distraction.

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  • Move the Middle
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Merger and Acquisitions at The Speed of Trust

The Speed of Trust Practice will be hosting a free 45-minute Merger and Acquisition | Speed of Trust Webinar on January 31st.  
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Marriott partners with FranklinCovey

Marriott partners with FranklinCovey around The 4 Disciplines of Execution and the methodolgy has had a transformational impact on their organization and clients!

New York Time article centered in Productivity

“People whose work is interrupted make 50 percent more mistakes and take twice as long to finish it.” (NYT Article

The article is about how solitary work is under-rated and many people need space, both physically and mentally, to do their best work.

“Sixty-two percent of the best performers said their workspace was sufficiently private compared with only 19 percent of the worst performers. Seventy-six percent of the worst programmers but only 38 percent of the best said that they were often interrupted needlessly.”

Check out the NYT Article here...