Learn how to break your urgency addiction. In FranklinCovey's newest workshop, The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, you will learn how to transform your life by using five fundamental choices to dramatically increase your ability to achieve the most important outcomes! 

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  1. Dear Dr. R. Covey, I am looking forward to attend this event in Oct/Nov at London. I'm already a great admirer of the teachings you are believer of. Personally, my life has taken U-turn already after understanding your taught principals and insightful approach in "The 7 Habits book" and "The 8th Habit book" which are greatest metaphor for identify and organizing my voice and let other to inspire. Finally, i choose to teach to other by joining this consulting field. In addition, your break-through of 'The 5 Choice" project will be the handsome advantage to achieve my personal, professional and community goals for abundant contribution to mankind. Thanks Maratib