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I just returned from an extraordinary training experience in Guatemala, helping the senior management team from Grupo Entero learn and then apply the principles and systems of Duct Tape Marketing. The experience was extraordinary for many reasons, but the one that I would like to share today is the great learning experience this was for me personally.

Yes, I did go to Guatemala to teach and train business owners on how to better market and develop their businesses. And, I believe this was accomplished very well. What I didn’t expect and what makes my time in Guatemala truly unique, is the great things I learned.

I learned about a company, Grupo Entero, so committed to excellence and teaching their employ-ees the “right” values, that inscribed on the walls of their corporate offices for all to see, are the well-known 7 Habits of Highly Effective People espoused by Stephen Covey in his best-selling book. These are timeless, universally accepted, proven principles of fairness, honesty, integrity and human dignity. And here’s the part that really makes these principles come alive for this organization; they are practiced and lived on a daily basis by management and the employees of Grupo Entero.

I learned about a company that understands there are no short cuts on the road to success. It is paved with dedication, hard work and a commitment to excellence. This group rolled up their collective sleeves and made the choice to make their businesses more successful by implementing a step-by-step system.
I learned about a company that practices empathy when dealing with their customers and prospects and understands that empathy is the key to building long-lasting customers.

And finally, I learned that it takes excellent leader-ship at the top; leaders that take a personal interest in their employees and each other to make an organization great. The management team at Grupo Entero truly “gets it” and understands that an investment in themselves and the employees both personally and professionally is the only way for sustainable growth in today’s business climate.

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The following was posted on 1 February 2011 by Joe Costantino, founder and owner of Business Marketing Success and President of Duct Tape Marketing Consulting LLC,
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